Advancing excellence in management and process performance

Do you know that two-thirds of Lean, Six Sigma, and similar initiatives fail to achieve hoped-for results? At Ascendigy, our focus is to ensure that your initiative -- whatever the size -- is successful in the short term and is sustained long term. To that end, we have developed, refined, and practice The Ascendigy Way.

  •  Focus on a rapid return on your investment. Ascendigy designs each solution to provide a quick return to build momentum, while also establishing the capabilities necessary for your long-term success.
  • Customize a solution for your organization. Ascendigy customizes a solution fit for your culture, and offers multiple routes for your Ascent To Excellence.
  • Follow a proven process. Ascendigy ensures that you receive a well-thought-out solution by following a six step process (Characterize the Current State → Set the Direction → Design → MobilizeExecuteInstitutionalize) that we apply in streamlined form for simple engagements and in depth for complex engagements.
  • Serve you with highly experienced experts. Ascendigy's team members have honed deep proficiency through many years of hands-on implementation; and each is a skilled trainer, facilitator, coach, and driver of change.
  • Integrate change management practices. Ascendigy applies change management methods that help ensure that your organization contributes to, buys into, and adopts the solution.
  • Develop Excellence in Management and Excellence in Process Improvement. Ascendigy's solutions squarely address the essential ingredients missing from failed initiatives, these include changes, however slight, to the management system and how managers and job performers achieve mastery in the new skills.

On one hand, the number of tools to improve performance is growing, and it is easier than ever to learn about these. On the other hand, there has been little improvement in the ability of organizations to incorporate these tools in their everyday activities. Successfully implementing these tools presents the biggest challenge. The inability of most organizations to implement successfully is not just a tool problem or a leadership problem. Instead it is a systematic problem, one that is created by the interaction of tools, equipment, workers, and managers. 

-- Repenning and Sterman, “Nobody Ever Gets Credit for Fixing Problems that Never Happen,” California Management Review, Summer 2001


Ascendigy's solutions squarely address the essential ingredients missing from failed initiatives.