Advancing excellence in management and process performance

With systematic methods for managing, you can develop a learning organization and foster a culture of continuous improvement.


Consider a situation where managers receive training in Lean Six Sigma and believe in its importance. Unfortunately, typical training often omits developing the managers' mastery of the specific actions that they must take to best establish and deploy business objectives, coach the team problem solvers, ensure that a process that's improved stays improved, and foster continued improvement. In summary, managers need to master how to manage.  

In response to this need, Ascendigy has developed the Five Essentials of Excellence in Management.

Excellence in Management—The Five Essentials:

  • Motivation to change
  • Management of change
  • Management of goals and daily results
  • Competencies and behaviors
  • Knowledge of the work, methods, and tools

At Ascendigy, we help you develop the Management System that supports your initiative. We weave application of the Five Essentials into the fabric of how you do business.