Advancing excellence in management and process improvement

At Ascendigy, our focus is to ensure that your Business Excellence initiative—whatever the size—is successful in the short term and is sustained long term as part of the fabric of how you do business.


Ascendigy helps you build excellence in management and process improvement.


Many Lean, Six Sigma, Root Cause Analysis, and similar initiatives focus on tools, and pay little attention to the organization’s Management System and Core Beliefs. Management Systems define how strategic goals are deployed, how daily management is performed, how value streams are managed, and how everyone is engaged in improving competitiveness. Core beliefs provide the cultural and behavioral foundation necessary to achieve excellence. Ascendigy helps you integrate best-practice Management Systems and build solid Core Beliefs into your improvement initiative whether you are interested in applying specific tools such as 5S or problem solving, deploying Lean Six Sigma, or transforming your business. When properly integrated, Management Systems, Core Beliefs, and the tools of process improvement help you unleash your organization’s ability to continually improve performance.  This integration is essential to your organization’s long-term success and is Ascendigy’s specialty.


There are multiple routes to Excellence, and what’s best for your organization depends on many factors. At Ascendigy, we provide consulting, initiative design, training and coaching, and implementation customized to best fit your needs. Drawing from the methods of Lean, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints and the management systems of Goal Deployment, Value Stream Management, and Daily Management our services help you create the most effective Business Operating System for your organization.


Using The Ascendigy Way, we energize your organization’s performance and help you not just sustain the initial results, but to but build upon them for still higher levels of performance.


Ascendigy’s alliance partners provide services that compliment and strengthen our solutions and help you institutionalize behaviors through Web2.0 solutions or to address unique needs.

Like a skilled mountain guide, our team can help you take the best route to the top — Let Ascendigy guide you on your Ascent To Excellence.


Let Ascendigy be your guide when you wish to:

  •  Revitalize your Operational Excellence, Lean, or Six Sigma initiative so it's sustained
  • Develop the competency of your supervisors and managers
  •  Improve the quality, cost, and delivery of your products and services
  • Streamline product development
  • Improve the performance of your suppliers
  • Establish a culture of continuous improvement
  • Transform your business and culture to achieve a quantum-leap improvement in competitiveness

Everyone knows about the concepts of standardized work, process capability, equipment availability, and flexibility. But hardly anyone seems able to apply these concepts sustainably. Jim Womack, Lean Enterprise Institute, February 2010.


Ascendigy's blend of Excellence in Management and Process Improvement can show you the way.